I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. I earned a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s degree from University of Houston - Victoria, and my undergraduate Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Houston (Go Coogs!). I have worked with adults in a variety of settings, including private practice, crisis services, and outpatient clinics.

I have specialized training and experience in working with trauma; I aim to continue working with individuals with histories of trauma and PTSD, and those struggling with stress, depression, and anxiety in their lives. 

También soy bilingue; servicios son disponibles en Español si necesitas! I enjoy working with first and second generation Latine adults, and exploring the difficulties of navigating life with a bicultural/multicultural identity.

As a therapist, my hope is to create a warm and open environment for you to explore and process life. I create an atmosphere of safety and support, where we can work together to discuss your concerns in a comfortable, judgment-free space. My treatment style in therapy is largely based in a person-centered approach, but also combines elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy. I customize the therapy to fit each individual, looking to identify and nourish strengths, and recognizing unbalanced thinking that may be limiting progress and personal growth. Working with a trauma-informed lens and honoring intersectionality, I believe it is important to look at the whole picture of a person’s experiences to understand the current struggles and presenting concerns.

Hey, Call me Gabby! 


Get to Know the Real Me

I have two dogs, and sometimes I daydream about running a doggy daycare.

I really enjoy doing puzzles. I’m sure there are a million metaphors about puzzles and how they relate to life, but I really look forward to that rewarding feeling of accomplishment at the end! (Actually, let’s be honest, each puzzle piece you fit together gives a little hit of dopamine.)

I like plants and have lots of them indoors - but, that doesn’t mean I’m a good plant mom. They bring me joy, and I’m sure there’s another metaphor here for the patience and care they require… and the resilience they show when I forget to water them.

I think pineapple is delicious on pizza; my husband does not agree, and we have had lengthy discussions about this.

I love yoga. I intend to complete yoga teacher training someday, and add trauma-informed yoga services to my practice in the future.

I’m bilingual in English and Spanish, and I’m also trying to learn Italian: parlo un pochino italiano :)

I probably watch way too much television, but I do enjoy reading a good fantasy book series, playing tabletop board games with friends, and listening to various podcasts while I go on long walks.

My husband and I love to travel.

specializing in:

Healing Trauma through Cognitive Processing Therapy
Managing Anxiety
Adjusting to Life Transitions
Lifting out of Depression

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