Why “Wallflower”?

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If you’ve made it this far, then you’re curious. That’s great! Something you may be wondering about could be the business name – why a wallflower? 

A “wallflower” is a term that has been used to describe individuals who are shy, quiet, or reserved. It’s not a very commonly used term anymore, but a quick google search (or urban dictionary, if you dare) shows it has also been used to describe people as lonely, awkward, or ignored. Perfectly opposite of the “center of attention,” wallflowers stay more on the sidelines to observe. The description of the term can seem like it leans negative, but I really don’t think it needs to. 

Staying on the sidelines and observing situations can be a preference, which allows Wallflowers to gain information, insight, and understanding before they decide to get involved with anything – as much or as little as they’d like. It’s all about choice: just like people can choose to be involved and in the middle of all the action, people can also choose to NOT get into all of that. With this in mind, at Wallflower Counseling and Wellness, we admire the level of confidence and acceptance “Wallflowers” can have – both in who they are, and in how they present themselves to the world. We’d love to work with individuals who may have felt like wallflowers for their whole lives.

Hell, I’m a wallflower myself, and I’m perfectly content where I am. I love to embrace the awkward, and use my strengths to keep blooming – all the way up the wall. 

Wallflower, and proud.


From an enthusiastic Wallflower,

Gabriela L Pequeno, MEd, LPC


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